Next Steps

Thanks to your participation, over 200 service users and healthcare professionals from a wide range of disciplines suggested around 500 questions that they want contraceptive care research to address. These included questions about access, information, benefits, risks, side-effects and decisions about contraceptive methods.

We are now working through that data to identify unique questions, combine duplicates and to create researchable questions that capture the themes that people have told us are important to them.

How do we do this?

The Contraception PSP is working with a data manager, with oversight from our Steering Group and our James Lind Alliance Adviser, to ensure the analysis and interpretation of the data is done accurately and fairly. Once we have a long list of questions, we will check them against the evidence base and remove any that have already been robustly answered.

Second survey to shortlist

Once we have our long list, we will then undertake a second survey  to start shortlisting those questions in early 2017.  This is where you come in. The survey will list the unanswered questions that capture the themes and unique questions from our initial survey. Based on your personal or professional experience we will be asking you to choose and rank the 10 questions that you think are the most important. It’s as simple as that.

As with the first survey, we want to involve people who use contraception and healthcare professionals who work with contraceptive users in that process.  So please participate and spread the word, we want to know what areas are research are important to you!

Final prioritisation

This survey will help us to shortlist around 25-30 questions that will be taken to a final priority setting workshop in the spring. At this workshop, the top 10 questions for contraception research will be discussed and agreed. Again, your views and opinions will be integral to the success of this priority setting workshop, so watch this space for more information about how to get involved.

If you want to know about the priority setting method we are using, visit the James Lind Alliance at

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