We need you!

We’re a month into the first stage of the Contraception Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) process and we’ve had a fantastic response to the survey so far. The survey will be open until 4th July, giving you another two months to submit any unanswered questions you have about contraception – don’t miss this opportunity to make your contribution to the future of contraceptive care.

However, there are a few groups we feel are under-represented and whose voices we’d love to hear. So, if you’re Black, Asian or from another minority ethnic group, or if you’re a man, or a GP, please take part in the survey and tell us your unanswered questions about contraception.

FSRH 2016-300
Professor Judith Stephenson presenting the Contraception PSP at the FSRH Annual Scientific Meeting

We want to hear the unanswered questions you have about:
• How someone accesses/gets contraception
• How someone gets information about contraception
• The benefits, risks and side effects of contraception
• How someone decides to start or stop contraception
• How someone decides to switch or continue contraception

If you have networks you’d like to promote our survey to please contact policyassistant@fsrh.org to get hold of some suggested tweets and copy for newsletters/websites.



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