Working in Partnership

It goes without saying that the key to the successful completion of the Contraception Priority Setting Partnership is in its name: partnership.

We are delighted that the following organisations from across the sexual and reproductive healthcare community have confirmed that they will be contributing to the Contraception PSP:


Commenting on the importance of working collaboratively with patients and clinicians, Genevieve Edwards from Marie Stopes International said:
“It’s vital that we understand what women want and need from contraception services and how we can improve what we offer. To do that, we have to ask the right questions and the PSP will give us the insight to do just that.”

Tracey Forsyth, Lead Sexual Health Nurse at BPAS also commented:
“I am a strong believer in patient/clinician healthcare partnerships as it makes women feel valued and that they are being supported in their contraceptive choices.”

For the PSP to be as representative as possible it requires the input of the diverse voices across the sexual and reproductive healthcare community. If your organisation or group would like to be a partner in the Contraception Priority Setting Partnership, please email for more information.

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